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The numbers are real and verifiable. They are also devastating.

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

The median private-room nursing home cost per year exceeds $100,000*

That’s over $8,333 per month. To think that an elderly person living off social security or even a basic pension can afford this cost is misguided. People are living longer, but not all are financially prepared for the struggles of old age. Family members want to help, but lack of time and resources only lead to more frustration and despair for everyone involved.

Nursing Home Costs

Government programs that help pay these costs exist, such as Medicaid long-term care benefits, but the strict income and asset qualification limits are so low, that almost no one can qualify without some form of Medicaid planning. The problem is that too many people faced with these problem feel lost and helpless because they do not know or understand that there is a way to qualify with the help of a qualified Elder Law and Medicaid Planning attorney.

The goal of the Medicaid lawyer is to qualify you or your loved one for long-term care benefits before you spend your or your family’s life savings. Our Elder Law and Medicaid Planning lawyers have various legal techniques that we use to maximize how much Medicaid pays for nursing home and assisted living facilities, while preserving your assets and income at the same time. In fact, many applicants will end up paying a fraction of the cost of their long-term care as a result of our services.

This is what we do. We do it well and we do it with compassion. We would love to guide you too.

Our attorneys are here to assist you and your loved ones. We serve clients throughout Florida. For more information or for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION please contact us today by calling 305.722.5533 or emailing us at!

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