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Life Care Solutions

Life care planning leads to real life care solutions.

Our Life Care Planning lawyers take a practical and personalized approach to making sure your and your family’s current and future needs are taken care of in a timely fashion. With a Life Care Plan in place, you can avoid frantic action should a family crisis arise.

Elder couple making life care solution choices.

Although this process incorporates legal planning techniques, we take a holistic approach to providing long-term care solutions by addressing more than just legal and financial concerns.

With compassion and our passion to assist our clients, we are here to help you, your loved ones and decision-makers avoid common pitfalls and allow you to achieve true peace of mind. 

Our life care solutions establish an ongoing relationship with you and your family to guide and navigate the legal, medical, financial and emotional concerns you may have and that may arise as you age.​


As a life care solutions client, some of the services we provide include:


  • A comprehensive review of your legal and financial documents to make sure that you correctly choose the people who will help you when you can no longer manage your own affairs, and that these trusted family members or friends have the ability to act on your behalf and provide the care you need. We plan for the future today by assessing the work eligibility for long-term care benefits, establishing your long-term care priorities, and planning how to pay for future long-term care.

  • Access to care coordinators who are there to make sure you receive the care necessary to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and age with dignity. We advocate on your behalf to medical professionals, in-home caregivers, and long-term care facilities to ensure that you consistently receive high-quality care.

  • A support system for your family member who may be overwhelmed by decision-making and uncertainty about the next steps to take in the aging process.

  • Periodic updates to your plan and ensure proper steps and updates partake in a timely manner to continue to protect all aspects of life as health conditions change.

Contact us today to learn more about all the Life-Care Solutions we have to offer!

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