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Elder Law

Linde Legal is a law firm dedicated to the practice of Elder Law. 

We focus on issues impacting aging and elderly clients, as well as their spouses, children and other family members. We utilize a holistic client-friendly approach to solve these emotional and complex elder law matters on a personalized case-by-case basis.

Elder Law

As Elder Law Attorneys, we serve our clients and their loved ones in a variety of ways, including:​

  • Properly planning for the challenges of old age

  • Effective asset preservation planning

  • Qualifying for government assistance like Medicaid

  • Understanding the application process

  • Coping with disabilities and other incapacities

  • Reviewing contracts with nursing homes

  • Drafting estate plans

  • Utilizing special need and trusts-based solutions

  • Resolving disputes

  • Counseling on health and long-term care insurance

  • Representation in abuse-related and other elder-types of litigation

Our goal is simple...

At Linde Legal, our goal is to protect your interests and assets, help you remain independent for as long as possible, guard against the high cost of nursing home care, and know that there is a thoughtful plan in place for your future. 

The costs of elder healthcare, long-term care, and nursing homes have dramatically increased in recent years. Yet, only a small minority of the elder population has adequate insurance and funding for such costs. Let us assemble the puzzle pieces to provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind. 

Contact us today for all your Elder Law needs!

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