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Veterans Pension Benefits

Thank you for your service! Now let us serve you. 

Our lawyers are accredited to practice before the VA and are certified to help our brave servicemen and women with their applications.

Veteran Pension Benefits

Veterans and their surviving spouses may be eligible for additional income benefits through the Veterans Administration's Aid and Attendance program. 

Qualifying applicants may receive a pension for survivor's benefits, plus additional money stipend to pay for medicine and in-home care costs. Applying for and receiving these benefits, however, is not without its legal challenges.


This VA benefits program is subject to certain eligibility requirements and centers around three main requirements:

  1. ​Military service: the veteran must have served at least 90 days of active duty in the military, at least one day of which must have been during a “wartime period”

  2. Medical need: the veteran or surviving spouse must show that they require the "aid and attendance" of someone else in order to do the basic activities of daily living (such as needing help with personal care, being bedridden, or having a mental or physical condition that requires you to live in a nursing home)

  3. Financial need: the veteran must have a "financial need" and applications are evaluated on an individual basis. There is an asset test and an income limit that must be met. Specifically, in order to qualify for the pension, your unreimbursed medical expenses (expenses not covered by insurance or other benefits) must be greater than your gross income from all sources

Give us a call today so we can make sure that you are taken care of in this time of need and secure VA pension or survivor’s benefits. These funds may help provide significant help in paying for long-term care costs, and it would be our honor to help you get them.

You've served us with dignity and honor. It's our turn to serve you! Contact us today.

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